Wednesday, May 26, 2010

as most of you probably know by now, im back from north carolina. for the time being, ill leave the future to the future (though im thinking about south korea and india) - but it looks like ill be spending another summer growing season here in holland. i just put in the broccoli, lettuce, radish and a couple of sunflowers this weekend and got a whole lot more seeds growing in the greenhouse right now. anyone up for bittermelon ;)?

you may have noticed im kind of updating the look of this blog, too. please bear w/ me while it's going through changes. i hope the ads aint too much of an eyesore. im kind of experimenting with that, hoping itll bring in a couple extra pesos. feedback and tips are always welcome and much appreciated, of course.

anyway, ill keep this post short and sweet. this way you can spend the rest of your time normally spent reading watching this video from north carolina. its me jamming on "touzan's sixty blows" - unplugged style - with scott savitt on drums and aaron on bass.