Friday, February 9, 2007

another brother in rock'n'roll

"it's another brother in rock'n'roll
but where's the soul gone today
tv-head mindset, dead like the radio
so let it go, and let it flow, mr brotherman
now get behind your sound machine and make it move,
like the grooves on your daddy's good ol' black wax
your daddy's black wax

think back to the record that says
'listen without distraction' on the inside
the days when the sound's vibration
made you feel that sun and sand,
in your rainy homeland.
now get behind your sound machine
and turn those memories into grooves,
that move and then you put it onto black wax

five forgotten, and ten forsaken.
they've been taken by the demon
that lives inside of you.
but when i look inside i smile,
cause that demon, yes that demon,
is inside of me too.
but even if you see, can you really understand,
that the demon, that demon,
he ain't nothing but a friend.
now get behind your sound machine and make him move,
and let that demon, that demon, dig some black wax too"