Friday, February 9, 2007

a change is gonna come

as you may have noticed, i've invested some more time in getting the myspace site rad and running. wrote up a small chunk of bio. realized that i didn't have a bio yet, and i guess there's no real reason for being shy about self-promotion. it's things like that from other artists that have always inspired me, so i hope it'll do the same for atleast someone out there. put a video of thelonious monk on there, too. 'epistrophy', wish it had 'trane on sax, cause i dig what he does with that tune, but monk's piano part is particularly righteous on this one.

written a bunch of songs the past few days, some solo, some abe colab stuff, and will try to get some online soon. there's some interesting stuff in there. they all demo's, ofcourse, but i figure it'd be rad to keep ya'll up to date anyway. my birthday's coming up soon, the 26th, so i guess i'll finally have to break down and get a digi-cam. no-cam is the most econo way to go, but with all that's happened over the past year, pictures would be a good next-step on the diy ladder. would give you all some to look at, a little visual with the spiel. most o' them photomachines nowadays shoot a little video, too. so let's see what'll happen. making things up as i go along, in writing and in life. it's all one big jam-session anyway.

there's a bunchload of things looking to happen, but i'm gonna be a little reserved about the details for now. will let you all know as soon as things get finalized a little.
take care,el maximo