Friday, February 2, 2007

february 2nd 2006 - westminster, md, usa

keeping the spiel going. i was hoping to keep you all (and myself) entertained by posting reports of all the gigs and open mics, but the openmics have been canned. atleast, for abe and i. it undermines the bigger buisnessplan, so we back to sitting on our asses, writing music, and working on the farm. oh well, in the words of good ol' neil, don't let it bring you down. made some authentic dutch split pea soup for the folks over here. abe & jan dug it much, but seems like blane and stacy are a little weary of trying some. "man, y'all done gone hurt my feelin's! 'been out there slavin' for two hours and ya'll won't eat it! the gas won't kill ya folks". playing all them wordgames, making people laugh and stuff. all that southern talk is slowly creeping into my everyday spiel. it's only the reids propegating it, too. people up here are pretty straight. close to washington, and new york. been writing a bunchload of new songs, so that's all good. a friend of blane's coming over tonight to beat some skins, 'be fun. some bass-time for good ol' max.