Saturday, December 2, 2006

"It's another day, down at the office"

It's another day at the office, they sometimes say. It's all good, rather fun. It's a little past 5AM right now, been up for a while. Listening to Soundgarden's Badmoterfinger record, on Tape. Picked that one up back in 'Frisco (San Francisco), Amoeba records, I do believe. Pleasantly surprised I was indeed. A great record to play when it's dark, especially in the morning time, for some reason. Didn't think I could take waking up with rock music, but it's a good record.

Hmm, so, anyway, yeah, what has been up with me? Well, another day at the office allright.... hmm, this past Wednsday, the 28th of November, I helped record this 80 year old bluesman from Virginia. "Boo". He played a bunch of old Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Lemon Jefferson songs, and man, was he good! I'll post a picture at the end of today's post. I'm sure you won't have a hard time figuring out who Boo is (look for the guitar). Oh, and me? Look for the long-haired white guy (shouldn't be too hard to spot, ha!). Yes, NOVEMBER, hardcore wintertime, you'd say, why is he walking around in his TShirt?! I, for one, sure never dreamed of walking around in my TShirt in November, December even, yesterday, but, man, it's 75 degrees out! (About 21-23 Celcius). 75! It's Winter! Though, this morning, things seem to have cooled down considerably.

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Hmm, maybe I'm holding off on recording songs. But I don't know, I guess I gotta wait till the spirit moves me and I happen to be in the right timeframe to record. It'll happen, soon, someday, worry not.

Hmm, I guess this is why I don't update very often, I have a hard time finding a story to tell. Oh, yeah, now I do remember, Thanksgiving. Been over a week now, but that's a trip man, all American holiday. You basicly start eating this huge feast, in the early after noon (after! _noon_, 12). Invite a bunch of people over, who each bring a dish. I had, hmm, water, and home-made bread (didn't make it myself, was given to me), that's about it. Hot water, ofcourse. Everything got butter, garlic, onions, or some other contaminent in there that messes me up. No turkey for me either, no thanks. Was funny though, man, America sure is a trip from time to time. I guess we Dutch are just the same in a slightly different kind of way. It's just me who's kind of off on his own plane, his own trip. That's allright, righteous enough.

Don't know wether or not that past paragraph was really neccecery or not, but I imagine folks getting upset if I skipped thanksgiving. Ah well, man, Christmas gonna come up. Kind of bummed that I'm gonna miss Sinterklaas, would like to have done something for it, but that's allright. You all have a year to think of something, propositions are welcome, just send me an email. Listening to some old Guitar Gabe tapes right now, pretty righteous. It does sound nicer on tape. You don't have no incentive to skip tracks. But beyond that, you got that analog noise-floor. Grounds you. Good stuff. He's good though, amazing. It's weird, having all those pictures of him in the guest house, and his old clothes. Gives this place kind of an eerie, mystical feeling. 'Come a long way, still got a long way to go. Not much more I can add to that, gracias, Gabe.

Well, I guess I'll wrap it up here, give you some to digest, or put it in your pipe and...., well, you know. Need some logs, build one of them tabacco curing sheds, bet it sound good to record music in. In Holanda, ofcourse. Well, take care!