Monday, November 20, 2006

November 20th 2006 - Hillsborrough, NC, USA

I finally got into the mood again for adding some spiel to this blog, thanks to a certain email. Gracias. 30 minutes 'till the day starts. Such joy, working by the clock. It's all just dealing with circumstances, getting around them without getting out of them, wake up at three or four, and the clock won't do you much harm. I think I'll start working on the Etta Baker banjo record today. Spend all of last week working on the Paul Duffy boxset. It's hillarious, great stuff. He's one of the great poets, man, I'm telling you, it's rad!

Times have been trippy over here in North Carolina. Seen a lot of music, music from places and people you normally wouldn't get to, it's great. And then on top of that I'm immersed in music all day, listening to it, putting records together. There's so much great music beyond what we know and is available through even the regular distribution channels. Forget about independent record labels even, there's so much stuff beyond that that we never get exposed to or get to listen to, and a lot of it is actually very good, it's crazy, I tell you.

Trippy times, rad times. Going back to the old days, local music, local distribution, It's all coming full circle. You can't have a strong force without something else pulling it back in to get things balanced out. The Chinese sure got it right ages ago with their Ying/Yang. The symbol's cliched in this society to the point where it's almost sad, but like most cliche's, it's all so true, so simple, yet so infinite. You can't have good without evil, light without dark, but evil perceives it's own actions as being good, there's shadow on even the brightest day. it's the black in the white, the white in the black. So even with in these crazy times, and hell, they've been crazy ever since the 'industrial revolution', globalization and normalization triggers an opposite force. Music that doesn't want to be watered down to sound like what everyone else is hearing all around the world. People that don't want to confirm to their environment. And I know, I know, you've all heard this before. From the Hippies, the Punks, all of that. and as much as it's the same every time, it's different for the people. not confirming, not bowing down to a standard, doesn't mean you become a hermit and desert society. If you really want to do it, try to transcend it. Function within your environment, without having it change you or bring you down. bring yourself up first, and if you can, bring your environment up with you.

'Must be all this blues music, cause man, I sure 'be rambling today.

By now I don't know who's keeping up with this weird log, but from what i gathered, more people than I thought. I'm surprised people care, thanks for taking the time and reading it.