Wednesday, December 6, 2006


As promised, more frequent updates. This might be a relatively short one, but atleast it's new, and that's what seems to matter. Actually, I guess it's just a little spiel to let you know there's new music in the Music section (_real_ new music this time, all the other stuff in there is from the vaults, most of it before I even left for the United States the first time around). It's a small little improvised piece called 'Incoherance'. I'll send a special present (yes, physicly, by old fashioned mail) to the first person who gets the referance. The music might give you a little clue.

On other news, today we'll be doing another session with "Boo" Hanks (the guy in the picture below, with the gi-tar). So if all goes well, I'll have another record done by the end of this week (along with 3 others). It's beyond exhausting work though, doing all those records. Weekends barely give me enough quiet time and peace to recharge my batteries. Good thing the Holidays are coming up. Urgh, still got trapped in a 9 to 5 thing, what a drag. Comes with the teritory, I guess. Gotta suffer for a while.

I'm kind of bummed that I missed Sinterklaas, back home. Was kind of looking forward to it. I guess most of the people I know don't even celebrate it much anymore, so we gotta reinstate something next year, hmm... ponder that for a while. Christmas coming up, I guess people got their eyes focused on that now. It's all good, though. Whatever floats people's boats. And we need floatin' boats back home, high-flood risk and below sea level and all, ha!

So, go dig that little mp3-file of music in the Music section and go figure out who that reference is to!

Take Care,