Monday, July 31, 2006

A Mushroom's Point Of View

Small, proud little creatures. Ever polite, always wearing their hat. "The sun will burn our eyes!" They'll say. "Look at our hats, they're already scourged with this tint of brown!"

Inert yet enchanting. Some will help you sleep, some will help you think, others will help you see. Some will make you fall into eternal slumber, never to awaken again in this lifetime...

"We're all mere guides" the little mushroom says. "All of us can show you unique places. Yet my brothers knows of places that I've neither been to nor seen. The same goes for me, on the other hand. I too know of places where only I can take you, unknown to my brother. However, you will have to pick me up and carry me, for I have no legs. Thus I can only guide your mind, not your body. You'll have to walk the physical path yourself. I shall merely guide your mind". Yes, inert yet enchanting.... A Mushroom's Point Of View