Friday, December 7, 2007


i guess it's time for another spiel. i'll try to do a long one, cause i know i've been pretty silent lately. i just put down my last tracks on tape yesterday and must say i'm pretty stoked about it all. going up to tony's again in about an hour to start mixing the thing and hopefully be out here around friday-time. i'm catching a plane sunday-morning - going out to north carolina to visit my friends scotty, abe reid, and all those folks. i'm a little bit at a loss for words here, though. that's about it, in a nutshell. i wish i had more to say. i've just been going out to joshua tree national park every day to cook my meals and enjoy the hot desert sunshine, the peace and quiet. i'm liking it. i hope i have more to say once i get this record out of my system. it'll be good. 'songs from the ol' muddy grande'.


i dont know if ive said this before, but all i have been listening to for the past month is down II. that record has been completely blowing me away. i've been playing it atleast three times a day, all the way through. at 66 minutes, that's pretty intense. here's one of their new songs. i think of it as modern southern rock, or whatever you want to call it.