Sunday, November 25, 2007

spanish castle magic

hello all the good people,

ive been really busy, so here's just a quick little word. went into the studio last week with drummerman syb and laid down drums for 15 songs, including a cover of hendrix' spanish castle magic. the drums sound killer, and that is an understatement. sybren did an amazing job on his parts, and the tone he got on those drums blows us all away. to keep the costs down, sybren went back home last friday, after he got done laying down his tracks. all is cool between us though, and this way he can help out his folks back home remodeling their new house. best of luck to him.
i put bass on most all tracks over the past two days, and guitar on some other tracks. taking my time w/ tony mason, making sure everything sounds the best it can be. we're all stoked at the sounds we're getting. it's definitly got a vibe to it, with some desert sand (and sound) thrown in there.

am trying to keep in touch, but i don't get to a computer much, so my sincere appologies for not keeping up with emails and updates as much as i would like to. please, do send me an email though, cause i will get back to you. i always like to hear from you all!

el maximo