Wednesday, October 24, 2007


hi all,

it's been a while. aint done too much updates whilst in the homeland of holland. been busy, though. did a few days of prac every week with drummerman sybren, i met up with all the folks i hadn't seen in a good little while and i worked to raise some money for the forthcoming trip. i'll be leaving (with drummerman syb) for los angeles coming saturday, october 27th. kind of playing it by ear right now. all i know is that i'll be going into the studio november 16th ~ so the time in between is still open to suggestion. we'll see what happens.

i put up two new videos up on youtube, they was both recorded this monday. one is me jamming on the brant bjork tune 'kaleidoscope' (or freaks of nature, as it's known to some)

another one is me blowing harp with my good friend youri on vocals and gitfidle playing his tune i got the blues.

take care,
el maximo