Sunday, May 13, 2007

'the sunday of a pirate'

first of all, here's an instrumental tune i just wrote and recorded - "De Zondag Van Een Zeerover" - get it here

yes, that is the tv in the background. the manager turned it on, i wonder why he didn't wait for just 3 minutes, so i could finish my tune, so after i finished i kind of talked out loud; i guess it can't be helped, the tv got on there too, since i'm living with other people too. i was about to put some bass on the tune you all are hearing now, when the manager said - max, i think it's best you stop now. that phased me a little, and threw me off. man, when cats catch you at your most vonerable, when you're creating something (i'd written the song litterally minutes before i recorded it, which is what you hear). you're connected to something bigger, and when someone tells you, for what ever reason, you should better stop, man.....

there where a few things he wanted to talk to me about, but of course - in true japanese fashion - they don't tell you when it happens, they tell you when it's happened last week. they where all little things too. some people have lightly complained about me recording last week, which was a holiday for people. i hear where they're coming from, and if they just be direct with me and tell me when it happens, i'll bend over backwards. but in true japanese fashion, they don't, and i get to hear it a week later from someone else. you're catching me in the moment right now. not quite pissed off, just a little thrown, annoyed. i won't go into much further detail because i know there's more cats reading this than are on the log mailing lists, and i don't want to step on no cat's toes just because i'm wrapped up in a moment right now. but damn, it's a motherfucker, and i ain't talking about no person.

anyway, listen to the tune and let me know what's up. the tv on there is a bloody shame, as it fucks with a really good first take. that's why i went along with it, cause there simply is NO take like a first take. second dun even come close, let alone third. get some bass on there..... soon.