Sunday, May 13, 2007

who are we? we are rock'n'role. we are visonaries. we are rad.

where are we? we're in rock'n'role. why are we here? because we love rock'n'role and rock'n'role loves us.

what are we? we are rock'n'role guerillas. we're members of a small fighting force, taking independent irregualar action. we are rock pioneers.

why are we rock'n'role guerillas? because there is a rock'n'role crisis. there is an imbalance of power in rock'n'role now. r'n'r is in the wrong hands.

rock'n'role is in the hands of those who are motivated by power and greed. these soul-less buisnessmen & women have polluted our world.

rock'n'role now slowly decays from lack of spirit, creativity, soul-power, truth, originality & vitality. rock'n'role now is like processed food.

who is truly by this imbalance of power? you... and me

what are we gonna do about this? we are gonna liberate rock'n'role from this opression. we're gonna take rock'n'role back.

we're gonna save rock n roll and put soul, spirit and freedom back into it. how are we gonna do it?

we're gonna overcome by being spiritual. by being courages. by believing in love & ourselves. and by being stronger than our opponent. overcome like muhammed ali.


also, after reading the above spiel, take the previous post with a grain of salt, please. heat of the moment stuff, it was.