Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wow, dig this! live from the airport! dig some arlo guthrie first, to kind of get you into that hippy-airport mood, and then dig this spiel i wrote just a few hours ago, on the plane to frisco. i'm getting ready to board in a few minutes, the china air people where righteous with me and put me on an earlier flight. why? i do not know, all i do know is; china air people fucking kick ass! gracias. now dig.

i wrote a song a few days ago. it's kind of a take-off on john lee hooker's style. it's still free form, aan i'm moving stuff around, putting my own lyrics in, copping some of mr hooker's, but it's got this line in there - the hook, if you will - "i'm gonna buy me a ticket, on an aeroplane". well, i'm on one of those airships now and i figured i ough to write something to kill some time. and i'll be darned if that song didn't come to mind. it's been a 'walk down the road trip', to quote arlo guthrie (check the woodstock movie for that) already, and i ain't even halfway yet. will get to san francisco in about 5 hours. as i've t old a bunch of you cats already, i'll be camping out there till noon the next day, february 27th, when my other airship leaves for tokyo, japan, with a change-ships in taiwan. and all that time suits this po' boy just fine, gives 'im some time to buy that camera he been rambling about, so he can propegate his voyages and pictures, put it on the intranet voor you all to see.

'been grooving on the new fu manchu record since i got it this morning. man, lord i tell you, it's mean, pissed off and fucking HEAVY........ i dig it. it's still the same ol' fu - fuzzed out guitars, laid back california rock - but like they said, it's got some of that hardcore punk influence, cause that's what they all grew up on. it's by no means a punk record, but it's got that attitude. mix that in with the fuzzy, grooving, ezy-going rock and roll and you've got a record that's just heavy in it's vibe. man, those fuzzface pedals sure do sound good. you can almost hear the sand pouring out of the speakers. they'd been missing that for the past few records. digging a bunch of tracks on this one, but the mellow single string verse-riff on "didn't really try" is something that stands out in my mind, that's the kind of stuff i dig. makes you feel like you could 'jump from a 30 story building and live'. oh, and it's got cowbell - you can never have enough cowbell. let me repeat that, you can NEVER have enough cowbell........... no, for real, let me repeat that, i ain't kidding, you can SIMPLY NEVER HAVE ENOUGH COWBELL! coincidentally my mom's - okay, quick little update, dig this, from now on, mom is 'moeke', i'll put mom behind moeke in brackets for the next couple of updates, but all you english speaking people better learn some new words. it's coliqial/archaic for mother. you prounce it moo-cu (moo as in the sound a cow makes and cu as in, well, cunt. yes, i too wish i could think of something more politically correct, but, ooh well. could have used kerosine but that's a 'ke' sound, the e, not a 'ku' sound, the u, as in cunt) - so, dig, remember moeke? she's always told my my first word was koe, which is dutch for cow. you all still following me ;-)?

so i packed my bags this morning and went to the postoffice. the postoffice gig shouldn't have taken me more than 30 minutes, but i ended up biking up and down main st franticly in search for the darn thing! and ofcourse everyone kept sending me in opposite directions. so i peddled on down (and up) the road. they got plenty of hills in durham, which is kinda fun for this ol' dutch boy who's homeland is kind flat, cause you can go downhill for miles on end, real fast, and quite effortless to boot. ironicly, the guy who finally pointed me in the right direction was this poor old black man, wandering the streets, heading back home. he kinda reminded me of guitar gabriel in both his appearance in manneurism. he talked and sounded the same too. just as he started giving me directions he stopped midscentence and bowed down to pick something up from the ground 'hold on boy, let me get this penny' - some of you might not now, but a penny is one cent - and he procedeed to give me the directions. 'how are you doing boy?' - mighty fine sir, how about yourself? 'boy, i'm doin' pritty good m'self, but you don't happen to have a ciggarette on ya, now?' . he was a kind man indeed, that kinda made my day.
on the way back from the post office i stopped by whole foods to do some shopping for scott. got myself some fresh carrot juice get some juice - energy - flowing after that hour and a half postofficebikefiasco (sounds like a frank zappa song, dunnit?) and headed back home. i put on some quinoa, threw in a chopped tomato, chopped carrot, and a bunch of that delicous homemade habanero/halepenio pepper hot sauce scott made the other day. peppers are oil based, so they burn for a little bit, sit in your mouth. sits in your stomach too, if you get it right, it's kinda like that warm feeling whiskey gives you, that good ol, strong sourmash kind that i used to dig much.

watched the autobiography of malcolm x movie last night (the spike lee flick) and dug it bunches. seeing him go to mecca really made me realize the complete change of enviroment i'm facing right now. not quite drastic like that, since japan is kind of westernized, but at the same time, it's asia, it's different allright. put on the zz top shirt abe gave me and it made me feel a little sentimental. man, i dug hanging out with that guy so much. we had some righteous times together, allright. leaving scott again too. him dropping me off at the airport gave me an eerie sense of deja vu. same thing happened 6 months earlier, back in august. been a long time coming, been a long time gone, got ways to go. scott's a righteous cat too. had a great time hanging out with him for the past 9 days. i really i couldn't have wished for a better transition from abe to japan. hanging out with scott always centers me, give me some focus, perspective, roots, grounding. all of that. a really valuable 9 days indeed, i feel fortunate.

oh, all these paragraphs later, i finally remember. it's my birthday! didn't want to really plug it and write it all over the blog, but i felt like i should atleast mention it. what a way to spend your birthday, huh? traveling all day, sleeping at the airport like a hobo. man, last year i spent it in mario lalli's cafe 322 hanging out with him and kev-o. 'miss those guys man, they's righteous folks, too. both got a heart of gold. i hope they doing good. darn, eightteen. a young cat to most people, but it's been a trip so far. 'been a kid in this adult world for the past 7 or 8 years, and with this head of mine, growing up has been a trip all together. looking from the outside in. detached. almost like watching someone else grow up. and the weel it turns again, huh? oh well, finally will be able to get my driver's licence and all of that. i'll be able to drink legally...... and i don't drink no more. i'll be able to vote........ and i don't care about politics no more.......i'll be able to buy my weed legally....... and i don't smoke no more. spent all this time waiting and now i don't need those priveliges no more, what a hoot. oh well, lord knows the driver's licence will come in handy. though that's kind of ways off. first i got three months of japan ahead of me, atleast. and lord knows what'll happen after that. i kind of a got a feeling that once i go back i won't really get to go out like this no more, so i'm gonna see to it that i stretch this out for as far as it'll go.

good, this little spiel killed a good hour or so on the plane. if i write bunches more later..... you'll know by the time i put this bunch up ;-)

"el maximo"