Sunday, October 23, 2011

More new videos! Like I said last week, I was in Holland between August 23rd and September 9th. Brother Mark came out and played some saxophone. My sister was there and caught it all on film. She put together a nice video to a song me and Mark recorded that day, called 'The sayings of Layman Pang' - you can check it out here:

This is another example of a song I wrote based on a Chinese Poem. In this case, one by Layman Pang (龐居士 Páng Jūshì)

日日事無別 In my daily life there are no other tasks than
惟吾自偶諧 Those that happen to fall into my hands.
頭頭非取捨 Nothing I choose, nothing reject.
處處沒張乖 Nowhere is there ado, nowhere a slip.
朱紫誰爲號 I have no other sign of my glory than
邱山絶塵埃 The mountains and hills without a spec of dust.
神通並妙用 My magical power and spiritual practice is
運水及搬柴 Carrying water and gathering firewood.

Even though I didn't plan it this way, the song seems to fit video. There's no plot, really. It just another day in my life. Drinking tea, playing music, visiting my grandparents, buying vegetables and eating dinner.

But when I say "it's just another day in my life", I don't mean to say that it's random and insignificant. What I'm trying to get at is the same thing that Layman Pang was getting at. The fact that real peace of mind, "Zen" if you will, isn't found in being especially holy or spiritual at certain times or in a certain way, but that holiness pervades everything you do. From "carrying water and gathering firewood" all the way down to washing dishes and even taking a shit. It's all significant. Because if you can't find peace of mind doing the things that make up your every day life, where are you going to find it?

And at the same time, even though it's all significant, it's nothing special. There's nothing to brag about; it's just everyday life. That's what Pang means by "I have no other sign of my glory than the mountains and hills without a speck of dust"

Think about that for a little bit - I have to start cooking dinner now.