Sunday, October 25, 2009

working on the website

ill be in india until april 2010, so there wont be any gigs for the time being - but that doesnt mean im keeping totally quiet on the music front. i spent all summer writing new tunes for the muddy grande. i had the pleasure of having my bro wout ("heavy lord") on drums and "brother" mark heddema ("vulture/six days gone") pluckin' bass. most of the songs will be up on the muddy grande myspace in their unmastered form in a couple of days. i spent my summer growing vegetables, watching shaolin kungfu movies, reading books by janwillem van de wetering and drinking good chinese pu'er tea - so those songs are all kind of inspired by all that.

on the financial front it's been kind of a hellride in terms of trying to get that first muddy grande LP (recorded back in 2007 w/ tony mason) to come out. i'll do my best to get it out before the end of the year, on vinyl, but just to get you over ive decided to put up the mp3s for free. the same goes for my first record, the lo-fi accoustic happening that is "whisky & apples". and last but not least i'll be adding another acoustic record i did back in february 2009 - called "selling water by the river", which for the time being will be a web-only release. there's no money to get it mastered, but it was an all-tape effort, so there's plenty of lo-fi tape warmness for your ears to bathe in!

expect all of the above to take effect and kind of fall in to place in the course of the next couple of days. im flying out on tuesday, and i still got plenty off stuff left to do before i can take off, so i'll keep you guys posted.