Saturday, July 8, 2006

July 8th 2006 - San Francisco, CA, USA

Aah, what a good day indeed. Woke up at 130AM, but didn't do much until 330 or so. Did a lot of thinking, planning ahead for my return home. I was in a really good mood before I hit the deck last night, and it seems to have transferred into the next day. Did some dishes at 330, filled up the thermoses as per usual and spent some time researching stuff on the 'puter, until we finally left at 440AM. I'd been walking all the way up to Twin Peaks for the past couple of days, but it took it's toll on me. It's 4 miles up, 4 miles down, all uphill. And walking down an uphill is pert near just as exhausting as walking up an uphill. 8 miles is about 12-13 KM, in case the euro people back home were wondering.

When I got to the top of the mountain this morning everything was beautiful. The first real clear sky in days. No fog, and it was pretty warm. The sunrise was beautiful and I didn't speak much. We've been messing around with the sayings "Those who know don't speak and those who speak don't know", "A wise man speaks in silence" for the past few days, and it felt really appropriate. Sometimes words just get in the way and it's better to soak up the enviroment. Get out of that city rythm, the 50Hz cycle if you will, and back to the natural rythm of the plants and the heart.

Scott dropped me off at the Temple at 7, because he always goes to play basketball in Berkley on Saturday's, so I was left with a couple of hours of time to myself. I descided to make use of some of that Barley flower I'd bought at Rainbow Groceries the other day, combine it with some millet and make some barley bread, or 'gerstenbrood' (Dutch). It's 9AM right now, and I'll be taking it out of the oven pretty soon, so I'll make sure to write up some on the bread, and how it turned out. This is my first time baking bread, and since I picked a non-wheat bread for my first try, I didn't exactly make it easier. But hey, I can't eat wheat based products, and don't eat diary-products anymore, so what do you do? Combined it with some millet (gierst) so it should be good.