Saturday, July 21, 2007

"going to my hometown"

you all read it well. max is coming home. after playing with the thought for a lil while i decided to go back to the homeland first and get a plan together before i head off for the good ol' usa. this might raise some questions, since some of you cats might still be thinking i'm riding my bike. truth of the matter is, i had to cut that short. i had my mother look at plane tickets back to holland last week and it turns out prices are going to increase threefold after this sunday. so i decided to come back to tokyo, say goodbye to everyone and the city. good thing i did, because the day i got back a tyfoon hit. and it was a lot worse where i would have been on my bike then in tokyo. and two days after that an earthquake originated where i WOULD have been cycling.... damn, i got lucky! on the bike trip i have to comment that i sure did get a lot out of it. a whole lot actually, so i'm glad i went. still got about a 100 kilos (thats kilo-meters, not the weight stuff) a day in on my little folding bike. man, it was a trip! mountains, sleeping outside in the dirt and the rain, getting interrogated by police officers, getting politely declined a roof to sleep under even in the most insane weather. got made and broken countless times everyday. it did me good, all in all. leaving for the homeland tomorrow, sunday july 22nd. 12 hour direct flight, so that's a walk in the park nowadays.

when i get back to holland i dont plan to sit on my ass, however. going to prac with my brothermark (i dont have any brothers for family, though) starting this monday and just plan to keep myself busy in general. i want to try and get some gigs around the area going, tighten up the vocals before i cut that record in cali. and i'll be looking into jamming with drummers and bass dudes, so i can maybe find some cats to back my trip in the usa. i just need a drummer, but it'd be nice to find a dude who can do the bass thing, definitly.

oh, and you HAVE to watch this video. you just have to, dont ask me why..... i am referring to THIS VIDEO but youtube doesnt let me put it up here, so youll have to click on the link... WATCH IT!!!