Monday, May 21, 2007

'maximo goes youtube'

a good day to you all. i decided to record a video of me walking 'round the block with my video camera, show you all around and let you see what's up. there's a lot of construction going on as theys tearin stuff down to make way for big, tall apartment buildings and stuff. it's a shame brother, it's a shame. check it out here;

and here's some muddy grande prac-video for you. little rough 'round the edges still, but i just descided to give it to you all uncut, so you can follow it, see it progressing. if you're wondering why the guitar-player looks so bored, it was 330AM and the guy had a really bad day. he's the most energetic of us all, most of the time. like i said, giving it to you like it is, dont censor nothing. it is what it is, prac at 330 in the morning.... and my guitar's out of tune, ha!

Texas Highway;