Monday, April 30, 2007

Golden Week

you know, i was riding the train this morning and something struck me, and i realised, man, even though i might not have any magnum opus (or magnum opium, for that matter) to share with these folks, i might as well spiel a little bit, as there are some interesting things happening in japan as we speak. yes ladies and gentle men, right now in japan its what they call 'golden week'. its basicly a string of national holidays (with the exeption of one day breaking up the week, but most companies give their employees the day off anyway) that all happen during the same 5-7 day timeframe. its quite interesting. riding the train, you could see the faces change radically from sunday to monday. though kids go out during the weekends, on a monday, its usually older cats (and with older cats i mean cats, and birds, no longer in high school or any of that) or if theyre younger, theys in their school uniforms. but today they was all dressed up in they casual clothes and they wore their age on their face proudly. its rad and strange at the same time, seeing all those young cats on the train, facing they free week. not much stranger from summer break in holland, i guess, though i've never actively experienced it like that, been pert near two years now. trips me out, man. tying in to what i just wrote down, i'd been listening to some more acoustic music lately (along with A LOT of Pantera....) but just now Melanie came to mind. the lyrics almost eerily describe what i just wrote down, and i just noticed it.

other than that, i dont think i have much to tell you guys. things are kind of rolling along steadily. the weathers been great recently, been soaking up a lot of sunshine, sweating in my tshirt. which is making me bath more regular, so be it. probably just take a shower tomorrow, though, as the public bathhouse is closed on tuesdays. also, i want to check the bathouse out the 5th of may. if you wikipedia for goldenweek and dig the 5th of may you might get a little clue why. little kids dump some kind of nice smelling herb in the bath, looking forward to it.
band prac is the same night, so thatll be interesting, but well see how it goes. yes, prac, practice, i remember mike watt stressing on the fact that ACTORS rehearse, BANDS practice. so there you have it, prac. als een prakkie aareppels en groente, maar dan ne' ies ande's.

oh, and for those of you who have always been asking me; what does holland REALLY look like, i just stumbled upon this interesting video of Drs P. itll be difficult to understand for those of you who didnt take the time and effort to properly study duch -- haha ;-) -- but dig it anyway, its got some nice images.

oh, and your thoughts on the band name 'muddy grande' are always appreciated. you know where to mail me.