Friday, February 10, 2006

July 11th 2006 - San Francisco, CA, USA

The less you want, the more you get. The more you want, the less you get. What you have you don't want and what you want you don't have. Hmm, I don't know, I just figured I'd start off the day using some quotes and phrases that have been coming to me' mind lately. Got ambitious and woke up at 2, and it worked. Good. I love getting up at two as opposed to three because it just gives me more time to do stuff. So I got up, brushed my hair and teeth (both with a different brush, mind you!) and put my clothes on. Actually, I always put my clothes on before I do the brushin', 'cause it 'be pretty darn cold at night with all 'them windows open.

I was feeling cringy from eating a whole bar of pure chocolate (no milk, eggs, whatsoever. Just caco and sugar) yesterday. The devils come at you from every direction, trying to keep you from progressing and doing the right thing, it's so funny. The restlessness felt horrible though, damn, I felt like a motorhead (it's slang for something, do a google search). There are amphetamines in chocolate after all, which is a stimulant, basically what speed is, yuck. So I cut up some Shiitake mushrooms and brew a liter of Mushroom tea. Ah, that was good, calmed me down major and kind of put me in that nice little mushroom headspace. I hope I don't forgot the parts I wrote for a new song inspired by it. A Mushroom's Point Of View. Kind of a jazzy/allman brothers instrumental type of thing.

So I spent my time doing some miscellaneous research on the internet, put on some old Nirvana bootlegs and felt really nostalgic. Filled up the thermoses at 420 and left at 440. Had a nice walk up the mountain, it was real foggy up there but atleast the wind wasn't that strong, or atleast, not blowing in my face like it usually does on the cold foggy mornings.

I went shopping yesterday, by the way. Went to Goodwill and Thriftown. I got 2 flannel a shirts at about 2 dollars a pop, Lenny Kravitz' Let Love Rule on tape, and this amazing vintage leather jacket. The flannel and the new, rad, jacket really helped keep me warm this morning. Had been wearing fleece so far, but it hadn't been working out as well as the leather. I don't eat any animal products, nor diary, so this diet is technicly concidered vegan. I do it purely out of physical reasons though, it just makes me feel way better, not eating those foods. However, some people do it out of compassion for the animals. An animal got killed making that product. They apply the same principle to leather. An animal got killed making that product. I greatly sympatise with them, and yes, it does make me feel bad, but for some reason, it doesn't affect me in nearly the same way as eating animal food does. I wish I could find a better way to describe this, but hey, it is what it is. I feel bad that an animal had to die for the jacket I'm wearing, I didn't realise that at the time, when I bought this jacket. But the damage been done, in the sense of that it's already dead, and in the sense of that I already bought the jacket. Despite feeling bad about it, I decided to honor the animal and carry on it's spirit. I tell him that he's in good hands, and I will do my best to be more righteous in the future, towards all living things.

Also, on a completely diffrent note, my dad sent me an email this morning. Let me explain why this is worth mentioning. See, he's not a guy who really uses computers a lot at all, so that fact alone made me feel special. But he basicly said he's proud to be my father (like that, in English even) and he reads my log, and listened to the Hss Rodskjegg song, liked it a lot. I'm telling you, I literally cried, it felt so good to hear him say that. If there's one thing that has changed over the past year is that I've become much more humble, and have a tremendous amount of respect, love and appreciation for my friends and familly. So whenever they reconfirm that, wow, it's such a powerfull thing. I have always had good relations with my family, but I feel now I can finally reflect, look and give back.

I strongly believe in giving as much good as I can, even if people treat you bad. The more good you give, the more you get back. People won't have a reason to be gnarly to you, because your intentions are pure and, well, good.

That's going off on a tangent right there, but I just wanted to say to my friends and family; you guys are fuckin' right on, I love you guys, thanks!